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Crusher for power station improving coal crushing efficiency
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In all the methods of electricity generation, thermalpower generation is the most age-old and important.Recently, many powerstations in the country all use thermal power generation and thus coal materialis indispensable. In the coal burning system, power station crusher is the mostimportant machining equipment.

Power station crusher is a kind of mechanical equipmentapplied in thermal power generation. Different from other crushers, it isincorporated all kinds of advantages of mining crushers. We analyze averageproduction capability annually of thermal power station and produce theequipment according to hardness of coal, which not only ensure production ofcoal , but also save energy and apply completely the equipment. At the sametime, the crusher can crush coal into briquette of 3 centimeters or even less.This increases contact area of coal and air to realize full burning andmaximize the resource utilization.

Recently, thermal power station is the main force inmodern power development. Considering building harmonious society and recycledeconomic environment, we improve technique of power station. Zhejiang Shuangjinoffer thermal power station crusher is very professional and get good praise inthe industry. This crusher employs laminated crushing principle and makesbriquette crushing into ideal granule according to its own texture. We can getmore details of equipment information through visiting Shuangjin website andits working principle of cone crushers.

In the thermal power station, Zhejiang Shuangjin conecrusher can improve crushing efficency and burning rate of coal by cutting downcost. On the one hand, it is small in size, light weighted, with simplestructure, convenient maintenance and low price, good granule. On the hardhand, it has good adapability. It has many application, not only can crush coalmaterial, but also machine crisp , fibreand middle-hard minerals, such as granite, basalt and limestone, etc. What’smorre important, the equipment is environment-friendly, and can reduce coalpowder in the air when crushing to protect environment nearby.

If you want to know more about our power stationcrusher and its relative details and quotation, please contact our workers online or dial our hotline 0086-571-88503501.Our professional staff will give youmore details and serve sincerely for you.

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