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A budding star in architeture industry----Cone sand maker
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As architecture industry, sand is indispensable. In the city, stand tall building are lifted, then stone and sand play important roles. With the increasing exhaustion of natural sand, artificial sand must be the developing trend in the futre. Machined sand production line produce qualified sand instead of natural sand according to its efficient production ability and smooth operation capability, which becomes one of the most important material in architecture industry.

Architecture industry used and and cement can be combined as qualified adhesive——cement mortar, which makes architecture more stable and durable. In order to achieve the goal , quality of architecture sand and stones becomes important measurement of architecture. The quality of sand and stones directly influences durability of architecture. In the construction site, machined sand is usually used as construction material. Compared with natural sand, machine-made sand is controllable with good size and average granule. Zhejiang Shuangjin newly-made cone sand maker can control finished product , not only the production of sand ,but also granule, amount of cement contained and powder contained in the sand according to construction requirement. Cone sand making machine is mainly made of distributing hopper, crushing body, adjusted screw, moving cone assembly, transporting arrangement and lubricatin system. It has properties of high-efficiency, energy-saving, high production and low cost of operation.

In order to satisfy production requirement of construction sand maker, now Shuangjin Machinery offers dry control sand making system, which has the following advantages: high degree of automation, low cost operation, high crushing rate, energy saving and high production , less pollution, easy maitenance. Otherwise, sand maker is in accordance with national construction sand standard with average annual, good size.

If you want to know more about dry control sand making system or cone sand maker and its relative details and quotation, please contact our workers on line or dial our hotline 0086-571-88503501.Our professional staff will give you more details and serve sincerely for you.

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