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The extrusion of dry sand maker, focusing on the value of Shuangjin
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Directing mainly against the disadavantages of traditional sand-making technique, Zhejiang Shuangjin extrudes a complete set of equipments of dry sand making system. A wholy new dry sand making program is designed to solve the problems of production of qualified sand maker, and its finished sand product can totally compare favourably with natural sand, bringing vast profits and brand new developing opportunity for dry mix, business mix, tubular pile, cement and chemical industry.

【The feeding size】:0-60mm

【Production capability】:production 100-140T/H,machine made sand 50-70T/H

【application field】:Dry sand making system can use all kinds of low-price mineral waste, tailing and construction rubbish as raw material, dry sand making technique without pollution, and it can produce high quality machine made sand controllable, which can be used in mixing station, dry mix mortar, chemical industry, foundry, concrete products and other relative machine sand, aggregate mineral machine mad sand and large scale construction machine made sand.

【finished sand】:granite, limestone, pebblees, etc.

【working principle】

Dry sand making system includes crushing module, screening module, dedusting module and is a complete set of dry sand making solving program. Materials under 60mm, through making of SJ1000 cone sand maker, inlude into three types, powder, return material and finished material. Powder, after dedusting module

【The advantages of products】

high quality of finished product:

Finished sand is appropriately crushed and grinded,under laminated stone grinding stone principle of SJ series cone sand maker, into finidshed products of good size and reasonable granuality and power content. The module can between 2.5 and 2.9, and contains 3-8% contents , adjusted freely.


Dry sand making system equipment--- screening system, dedusting system containing function of vibrating screening, feeding and dedusting with high efficiency of screening, and can be screened and adjusted through material storing jug, and control grade and composition of power and there is no need to change screening board and other hardwares.

high efficiency, energy saving and low cost:

Compared with the system of dry sand maker of the same production at the same time, Zhejiang Shineking extrudes dry sand maker with less energy-consumpion(saving 40-50%) and high efficiency. The whole sand-making system has less cost of application and maintenance. The successive working time can be 1500-2000h of main crushing wearing parts(concave and mantle), and even longer

splendid environment protection indication:

Design of closed circuit and negative pressure whirlwind dedusting fixture and bag pulse dedusting fixture, which makes the process of dry sand making system less pollution. There is no need of water wash in the dry sand making process, and there is no swage treatment problems appeared in the production progress.

high degree of automation:

Central controlling system can be operated online and inspect all the equipments and rapidly adjust and control complete dry sand maker, insuring quality of finished sand and the stability of production line.

If you want to know more about dry sand maker complete system illustration and its quotation, please contact with our workers or dial 4000061987, our professional worker will give you detailed illustration and work for you sincerely.

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