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YA Series Circular Vibrating Screen Which is better?
Article Source:未知      announcer:admin

Sand making equipment is mainly composed of crushing equipment, sand making equipment, feeding and screening equipment. The last step vibrating screener decides directly the granularity and production capacity of sand aggregate. Then which company’s YA vibrating screener in sand making equipment is the best ?

According to the market investigation, YA series circular screener produced by Zhejiang Shuangjin Machinery Holdings Co., Ltd is widely applied in all mines and grading of products such as 2YA2160, 2YA2460,2YA2760,2YA3060 series,etc. which is obviously efficient in all kinds of sand making production.

Therefore, the reporter interviewed the technical worker of Zhejiang Shuangjin sand making equipement. As he said, the original purpose of our circular vibrating screener is aimed at the production of sand making production. This circular vibrating screener’s moving track is round and the amplitude can be adjusted, multi screening layer and the screening grade is distinct with efficient screening level. The spring damping device can reduce noise pollution and improve working environment.

This circular vibrating screen is a new kind of screening equipment designed and researched by Zhejiang Shuangjin technical specialists according to different characteristics of sand and stones especially for grading of sand and stone. Welcome customers to purchase and we will offer you reasonable price.

If you want to know more details and quotation about YA series, please contac our online workers or dial 400-006-1987 hotline, our professional worker will give you further information and serve sincerely for you.

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