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Pebble multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
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With the increasing demand towards sand and stones of construction industry and decreasing number of natural sand gradually, artificial sand must be a developing trend. Pebbles, granite and other stones has become the main origin of artificial sand. Because of big reserves of pebbles, granite, the sand and stones can satisfy national’s construction sand, which brings the rising of pebble cone sand maker.

Nowadays, pebble cone sand maker usually is in the form of jaw crushermulti-cylinder hydraulic cone crushercone sand maker and other equipments. According to the analysis of engineer in the sand and stones complete project department of Zhejiang Shuangjin Machinery Holdings Co., Ltd. The customer usually applies multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher to crush pebbles. The reasons are the followings.

1. To reduce the loss of wearing parts to prolong the life span of machine. As we all know, the main chemistry composition of pebbles is silicon dioxide(SiO2) and the material is hard. If you use hammer crusher, the hammer wear parts wears much and the production is low. But cone crusher depends on the principle of laminated to crusher and is applied in hard and large material like pebbles and at the same time, mult-cylinder hydraulic has over load protection, so as to increase crushing ratio and production by a large margin.

2.  Good granule and qualified sand aggregate. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher not only crusher pebbles but also has function of fine and coarse. Its cubic finish product can reach 90% more, and with good size and grade.

3. Through the change of cavity, you can change the change of coarse, middle and fine coarse. Cone crusher has large crushing force and under the same circumstance of the same weight to crush pebble ,our machine can offer bigger production ability. Multi cylinder cone crusher can apply module design in the design and has a wide of application range.

Therefore, to satisfy the requirement of sand and stones produciton line of 100-300 ton production by a large number of customers. Zhejiang Shuangjin sand and stone project has promoted SJ series multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, SK series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, SJ series spring cone crusher and other models of cone crushers for custromers to choose. Otherwise, our company also offer concaves, mantles and other cone crusher spares and tailorly made business. Welcome new and old customers for information.

If you want to know more details and quotations about pebble sand making machine, please contact our online workers or dial 4000061987 hot line , our professional worker will give you detailed illustration and serve sincerely for you.

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